Thursday, February 28, 2008

it is listed!!!

Well, the house was put up for sale yesterday night. The listing was put up on their website with the virtual tour, which looks great, I still cannot find it on the mls site, but I imagine it will be up there later this morning. I got a call at about 8:30 last night requesting a showing for tonight between 7 and 8. I really hope that the house shows well. Now if only our roof could be finished. The guys were suppose to come today and do it, but I highly doubt they will with the minus 30 temps thisw morning(and that is without the windchill). So today my day will be consisiting of getting everything straightened up and ensuring bathrooms are clean. It would be nice if we had a steady amount of very interested buyers come through...but apparently we were told it is normal to have request to come through as soon as the house is is new

so here is the link for the virtual tour :

if you go to and go to the listings link you will see our place first on the list.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

...who wants a 2 yo?

...well thelittle bit of devil is certainly coming out of Hadley. Why is it that she must get into "moomy's" things and not anyone elses in this house. First it was make-up and now I have lovely red spots in my creme carpet to try and remove and then it was crackle paint. Her latest feat....she got into my scrapbook room once again and opened up my mm packaging of glitters, and proceeded to empty both the entire bottle of orange and yellow glitter onto a layout I was trying to finish up...and nowhere on this layout was the colour orange and yellow to coordinate. I will have to try and salvage later. I truly have to start locking the scrap room door.
On a "big girl" note....Hadley walked down the stairs all by herself by holding onto the railing...all I heard was her screaming I went to look and a big full smile of pride went over her was awesome to see. She was also saying some words clearly for me yesterday....the were french though...seems she can pronounce them easier. She said souce(for her soother) and lait(for milk) she also loves saying cou..cou...which is (peek a boo in french).
Well that is all for now...I hear my paintbrush calling me...ughhhh

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

House for sale...

...well it will be soon. We met with the realtor tonight and she took a quick peak at the house and we chated for some time. She will be over again on Thursday night to bring over some possible comps and her thoughts of list price and then a ton of paper work to fill out. We will then take photo's on Tues and have it listed by Wed. Can you say stressful. There still feels like so much to do, but she does not seem to worried...glad one of us is not. I just hope the darn house sells and at a quick rate...I do not want to be cleaning up constanly for showings....I am crossing all fingers and toes and praying that this sell goes well. She seems to be very motivated to get it up quickly since the market is starting to pick up and there are really not alot of houses out there...better chances for us to sell. I cannot wait to see all the stress to make my list of things to get done and then start checking that list off one by one:)

Friday, February 15, 2008

hmmmm...crackle paint really does work....

on my 2 year old. All I hear from John just before lunch is.."hmmm..did mommy leave out paint"(here my heart goes racing, thinking she dumped a can of wall paint everywhere) I come racing around the corner yelling "what paint"..John says some kind of pink paint. Racking my brain and then seeing Hadley clued me in brand spanking new pink crackle paint not even opened yet. Yes my smart little 2 year old was able to take all the shrink wrap off of the bottle and then open it up so that she could pretty well cover her entire body, along with the computer monitor and keyboard also. Her stomach was covered with the paint, and it cracked just beautifully on her. And no I did not take any pictures..I was just furious to know that I will not be able to use my pink paint. I will now have to go buy myself another bottle...grrr..I had a hard enough time taking in the price of that paint...and now I will have to do it again if I want the pink....ahhhhhh..the joys of kids.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Nothing SUCKS more then when you go to enjoy your morning coffee, and you can't! My coffee tastes horrible this morning, all because of this darn cold. Today is day 7 of me having this darn thing..I swear this is the longest cold ever. It started out with a very sore throat, moving into my lungs(it hurt to breathe at times), into fevers over the weekend and now has moved completely up into my sinuses(can you say ouch). So now nothing tastes right. My coffee is my world..I need it.....especially today since it is once again a snowday!

You know I remember having tons of snow as a kid, and do not remember having this many snowdays....snowdays pretty much sucked for me though, because I was a I had to go. Every once and again the techers would send us home though because there was only 2 or so of us in class. My how times have changed huh....that could never happen now.

So I am hoping my children do not drive me to the nuthouse today:) This week has actually been pretty good with them which has been very pleasant. There has been no fighting with Ab to do her homework at night nor are the girls really fighting me at bedtime. Last night Ab made most of the dinner(with a wee bit of help from Mom) She made a tossed salad all by her self. I cut up stuff for a tomatoe/pasta sauce, and she stirred and cooked it. She got the ravioli ready and cooked it with me just having to drain it. And best of all the girls ate it all....woohooo... she is definitely growing up. On that note, she brought home something she printed out that her and her friend made on word at school. They just said what they liked and pasted pictures into it. I saw some happy faces and I asked her how she did that....she proceeded to tell me that you use the colon and bracket and it makes it, and that she uses it all the time in webkinz world...I think she will definitely be teaching me soon on all the web lingo. As for Hadley...she loves puzzles. She is constanly bringing them to do with me. She is pretty good at putting them together also....she can so impress me at times!

So onto a scrapping note....CHA is in full swing(well almost done) and man am I getting inspired...not with all the new product I am seeing, but layouts using the new products. I having been sketching like mad in my little book. I cannot wait to be able to do some lo's! In all honestly not much stuff has caught my eye yet. I did see something from fancy pants that looked like the clear ghost embellishments but packed up in their 12x12 packaging(like their cb and felt) and there were a few things from heidi swapp that caught my eye(the new ghost shapes, and some of her papers)...I like the black, white and teal blue colour combo. I am quite disappointed with the scenic route lines...I think I like the beachy/summer one and that is it. None of the basic grey appeals to me.....oh I did like the cutting system from we r memory keepers(depending on the price point of course) I just really need a mat and stuff perhaps that is why. They also had some nice big eyelets. I am pretty happy to see there are not many wants for me...especially since my spending has been pretty much frozen with the having to almost triple our mortgage when we move.

Well I must be off to check on John's snow removal process...he now has 40 minutes to be at an appointment in the west end....and on a good day with no traffic it would take that long.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Skating on the Canal.....

with winterlude now in full swing, we were wanting to do some of the activities. Our plan was to go to the snow/ice slides over at Jacques Cartier parc, but I was still feeling pretty crummy and feverish yesterday afternon. So our plan was to have an early dinner and then go. Well they close at that ended being out of question. Instead we decided to head down to Dow's lake and do some skating. We got down there around 6ish with the place pretty much to ourselves. There was a reason for that was ice cold out there...the wind was so strong that it pushed you across the ice at a good speed. This was Hadley's first time trying to skate. She had Ab's old skates on(which were a tad big, but we put extra heavy socks on...and it did the job) and she suprised me immensly. She stood up and moved quite well on her own. I think if it was not as cold as it was she would have done much more. We did get video of it, but with this dial up, I will not be adding it on here anytime soon. Ab also impressed me with her skating abilities. She can boot her pretty good now. Of course she still likes to pretend to fall and slide across the ice on her knees. After a very quick skate, we headed into the building for a well deserved beavertail...Mmmmmm...that is a must to have. We are hoping to get to the slides this weekend...we would have done it on a week night, but John is working nights this week.
My plan today is to get some more painting finished, and I think we will be calling the realtor to come over to tell us all we must get done and when it would be best to put the house up. Which also means, I will will have to clean up the house since the regular housework gets neglected as we do all the other stuff.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

brace yourself everyone....

o.k. are you all sitting done. I had the chance to step into my studio to do a little creating today(I slacked off big time in doing things around the house today). I had these papers from Tina's store to do something with for like forever....I just had no idea what to are you ready for this...I made cards! I just find there are some papers that I just cannot do a layout I thought what the hay..I will do cards. I still hae some paper that I am trying to incorporate into a layout, but having a hard time trying. I think I am going to surf the net tonight and see if I can find some inspiration somewhere. So without further adoo...her are my cards....sorry about the lighting sucking...I just took the pics so no daylight....unfortunately the "you rock my world" card really did not turn out as I hoped:(

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cocktail HOUR with Mommy....

So as I was preparing dinner tonight, I thought I would treat myself with a yummy blue raspberry martini(since I would be glued to the stove for a half hour cooking our rissoto...which btw was absolutley deliscious) Well the girls were very interested in Mommy's colourful concoction asking to try. So I made the girls up their very own martini's...minus the vodka;) instead we used club soda. They loved it..Hadley kept on coming to ask for more. Next time we are going to use the mix with lemonade to make raspberry lemonade..I bet it would be delicious.
On a child "growing up" note, Hadley wrote her first H last night. Now we are working on the A...I am so proud of her!
On a scrapping note, I got absolutely nothing done this weekend..:(..I think tonight I may try and slip away into the studio and do some scrapping. I worked on the house all day today getting things done, so I deserve a good scrap:)

Friday, February 1, 2008

.....on a roll!!!!

Well this writer's stike for t.v. is working out for me. Usually on a Thursday night I would be glued to the t.v. watching all my fave shows. Now that there is nothing on I went and sat in my scrap studio last night and finished 2 layouts. I figured since there was no school today I could stay up a wee bit later and do some well deserved scrapping. Luckily the girls did sleep in till 8 so the later night did not kill me. I totally shocked myself in getting the 2 layouts done and I am totally liking them:) Now I went to use my new scanner to scan them and I could not get the damn thing to I had to once again take photos of the layouts.

The first layout I finished was of Ab's grade 3 schol pic. I was not too sure about how this layout was coming about, but was pleased with the finished outcome. I used the pirate princess papers form rusty pickle, ki memories lace cs, hs stuff, peeboo glitter paint(I love this stuff) scenic route(of course) and some 7 gypsies stickers.

My second layout I did was of me learning some moves on the stripper pole when we went to Sexapalooza.(did I mention how fun it was ;) )

I used a hambly transparency(white grid), ki memories lace cs, scenic route pp, hs bling and ghost wings, grunge board, lots of glitter, and a feew other little things(just too lazy to mane it I called this layout "my uninhibited moment".

I have another layout brewing in my head to do, but first I will need to get some photos printed, and unfortunately I will not be heading outside due to the storm hitting us now. Maybe sometime this weekend I will get to do it. That is okay though since I have 2 unfinished layouts that have been sitting on my desk since well before christmas. Perhaps I will do some more scrapping tonight...thatis if there are no good new movies on the dish tonight.

Well I really must get some work done around the house...the living room is absolutely disgusting.