Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have definitely been lacking in the blogging world as of late. Things are still in a bit of turmoil. Onto week three of the new job and the family is slowly starting to get use to the change of routine, though this week things have definitely been put to the test. Soccer has now started which means 3 days out of the week John and the girls must have diner, homework done, and out of the house by 6:15 to make it to their games. Thankfully I will be able to catch the last half of the girls soccer. It would have saddened me if I could not see any of it. Hadley looked adorable in her oversize uniform on Monday. It also appears that she has a knack for the game. She definitely has a good kick. I missed Ab last night, but she was happy because she was goalie for the entire game(she grabbed her sister's cleats instead of her own so all she had were her crocs to wear) and they won 4-0.

I have had to put the running aside for the past week and some. It appears that I have the common "runner's knee" injury. Which means my knee cap went off track and now the knee aches horribly. I have been icing it, taking ibuprofen an now have a patellar sleeve to keep the knee cap in line. I hope to try and ease back into the running within the next few days. Still nothing done in the creative side. By the time I come home from work, I am just too tired to do anything, and my mornings consist of doing all the needed housework. Speaking of which I have a ton of laundry to get put away and some bathrooms which need scrubbing. I just realized the time and I will soon be heading to work and I have yet to shower....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

..dogs ages

...well it simply has been a dogs age since I posted anything on this blog. Things have been busy in the Gibbs household. As I wrote in my last post that there was possible changes on its way....well they have come. Just before Easter weekend I took the plunge, did up a resume(not an easy task since I have not done one up in ah....almost 13 years) and applied for a job with Corvinelli Homes. I interviewed a few weeks ago(and told no one about it....did not want to jinx myself) and then went on my merrily way. I really thought that I did not get it since quite some time went by since the interview. But then last week, I got the call and was offered the job. I beat 5 other applicants...woohoo... So what does my job entail....a little of everything. I will be doing sales, admin work, scheduling, a small publishing project, design(helping clients pick out their exterior and interiors). It is a part time position where I work 4-7 on evenings(mind you I did not get out last night until 7:45 last night) and will do every few weekends. I will also have to cover the other day shift when the other employee cannot do them. So far there are 4 weeks where I will be doing that. It looks like I may also have a Tuesday day shift(we are still trying to figure out all the scheduling) Now this is only a seasonal job which means it will run till the middle of Nov. Then I will be layed of and brought back next April. Right now it is taking a bit of shuffling around and trying to get someone to watch Hadley every once in a while..It will be much better once she is in school full time in the next few years(yes I am hoping to stay in this position for sometime). Must admit I am only into the middle of the week and I am a wee bit tired. It does not help that I have come down with an awful cold(what a way to start a job huh) Hopefully by next week I will feel more on top of things. I am not the only one feeling the shift of things. It is now up to John to deal with the girls after school and to cook the dinner...(must admit it is nice to come home and not have to do that...though I am trying to get things done before I go to work in the afternoon...which is not easy with Hadley constantly sneaking out of the I am running after her more that anything else)...Hadley is also having a wee bit of a hard go. I went to take her to get watched from a friend and she would not let me go....this was a first time ever...I think it is just a real big change for her and within a few weeks she will be better. So right now I am feling like I was just thown into the water and I either sink or swim(no real training given...though I have been through this as a client when I built so I have a bit of an idea as to how things go) I am content.

On a creativity note..I went away to NavCan a few weekends ago and worked on a few things with nothing really accomplished. I think things will definitely be on a hiatus until we get our new schedule in place. I am sure I will get back to it soon...I can never leave it for too long.

Well today will be a busy day of trying to clean, wait for our pool to be delivered and then off to work.