Monday, December 31, 2007

We survived!

Yes we have survived yet another whirlwind christmas this year. John's family came up to celebrate with us since he had to work this year. Hadley really got into the whole gift thing also. On christmas eve Abigail was doubting the truth of Santa abd was testing my limits sayung how she knew it was John and I because that is what the kids say. Well it took her forever to fall asleep on christmas eve..about 12:30 ish...but once she awoke(early I might add...quarter to 6)she believed! She says to me..I know Santa is real because I stayed up all night and you or dad slept the whole time:) She was also excited to see a piece of Santa's suit which got caught on the fireplace and ripped off and a couple of his sleigh bells(which she wrote and asked Santa to leave her). I really hope the magic of christmas stays with her just a wee bit longer. The girls recieved tons of toys, with Ab's favourite being her Nintendo DS(which she has yet to put down) and it looks like Hadley's is one of Ab's gifts...her polly pocket car

On boxing day we went up to Upper Canada village to see the lights. I cannot believe how many people were was a wee bit bored, and Hadley was pissed that she could not go on the horse wagon rides...and of course they would pass us every few minutes. We then ventured out to shop on the 27th. Man there was some good 50% off everything in some clothing stores. Ab and I went back on Sat., but I really could not look that much then either. I found a new store I really love..urban behaviour...and of course everything was on sale...I am kicking myself for not geting more..oh well.

I am now stricken with a horrible cold, and I feel like death has come over me. I barely slept at all last night. Tonight is New Year's and we will be heading over to my sister's place. I doubt we will be there that long, with me having a cold and John having to work for 6 the next also looks like there will be heavy snow so he will have to leave at like 4:30 in the morning. I am hoping to get the girls to nap later this afternoon so that they can be in somewhat of a good mood.

Ok that is all I have for now..I will try and load up some photos of the holiday's soon enough. Once I feel a bit better.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

once again I lack in updating....

So I am really horrible at trying to keep my blog updated. It just seems like such a pain to do when my internet is just so dang sloooooooooow! But there might be good news in this all. I had storm come over for a site survey yesterday, and we are good to go. Now it is just a wait to see when they can get here to install it. Crossing fingers and praying that it will be soon.

Now let me try and think what has gone on in the past month. John tried to give me a suprise party. Why I say try is because I had a bit of a clue as to it happening. The only thing I did not know was as to the day. Thankfully I grabbed a bath with Hadley earlier in the day on Friday, so at least I was cleran. I just did not have makeup and such done. It was a very nice dinner with my closest friends..I was sooo worried he was going to have a ton of people at it. I recieved some nice p.j.'s a bunch of lingerie, a gift certificate to the local spa, a nice mug and then some shirts, belt and necklace.

The day before my party I got my first black eye. I was trying to fix Hadley's crib and as I was looking at it, the side came down smack right on the side of my eye. Very painfull to say the least. Thankfully it did not hit my glasses, just missed them. My eye is still a bit sore, but any bruising and swelling has seemed to leave. I was very lucky that I was able to cover up with make-up and my glasses hid most of the damage. The only crappy thing is when I got together with my ya-ya's last weekend we did a quick phot shoot for a recent picture of the 5 of us. Now usually I will always have my eyes shut in pics, but have found with my new camera, this has not been happening as much. Well I get home and check out the photos of us girls, and well in most of the shoots there are eyes closed. Not both my eyes though, just my darn swollen one...grrr..I guess my eye was not as healed as I thought. Some of the pics would have been absolutely wonderful if it was not for that darn left eye of mine. Here is one of the pics that turned out somewhat o.k.

Now the main purpose of our get together was for a cookie exchange. I also wanted to do something nice and personal for each of the girls for christmas. SO after many of emails and retrieving pictures, I made up an altered clipboard for each of the girls, personalizing it as to how I see their "style". Here is what came out of that:

One more picture to show you in this entry is that of my family. We try and do a family photo every christmas, and this is this year`s. I think it turned out quite well.

So on a scrapping note, I will be published once again in the spring issue of Canadian scrapbooker magazine. They picked up a double layout of mine documenting Hadley`s first year. I was quite suprised to get this call back. I did not make the daisy d`s design team. I am a bit dissapointed, because I would have loved to be on it:( I am actually suprised at some of the designers chosen, not the greatest designs, but hey that could be just a bit of jealousy poking out of me...:) )

Ok I am done posting for now, because I have way too much stuff to get done for christmas. I still have to finish shopping and then get everything wrapped. I have started my to do list, so now I just have to go through it, and get some things done around this house.

ciao for now!