Monday, January 28, 2008

I finally got to create:)

So after well over a month, I finally got to scrap 2 layouts. The dt members got together and did a 4 product challenge(or at least tried to keep it 4

I had a very hard time at doing this. Our products consisted of pattern paper(2 designs), cardstock, gel-a-tins snowflake stamps and doodlebug glitter. I really like tying out the glitter and found it to be a great one to work with. I ended up tracing some chipboard letters for a title and then using paint to fill in. I would have also loved to put in some staples or to have sewn on this layout. I have come to the conclusion that is very hard to be restricted to just a few products. But none the less I liked the simplicity of my layout. Here it is.

I also scrapped a page on Saturday night using the new valentine papers from scenic route. I just adore all that SR has :) I also used heidi swapp chipboard and paint, glitter, ki memories lace cardstock, rhinestones, fancy pants felt and a mme button. I really love how this turned out!

I hope to try and get another layout done this week...fingers crossed. On the house front, I pretty much have Ab's room lets just hope she can keep it in decent shape. We bought the rest of the light fixtures to change out..I screwed up on the main bath one, and now we need to cut our mirror some...DOH...we also got new faucets for all the bathroom sinks. Most of the real huge jobs have gotten done, now it is more of little things and doing touch ups throughout the house.I cannot wait to have this all done and have the house sold!

Friday, January 25, 2008 time flies

I have been so meaning to update once again, but time just finds to slip on by....and the fact that I am still on dial up does not help. The simplest tasks seem to take forever even. Anyways, lots has been going on.

Last friday night the girls and I celebrated Mell's birthday by going out to dinner in the Market and then heading over to the Sexapalooza show. That night was a blast. The show was really fun with lots of laughs to be had. We all got are eyes done in a multitude of shimmering glitters(which btw I need to get) and I even got the chance to do a little dance(okay more like a on a stripper pole. I was having fun until I noticed the crowd growing larger in front of my eyes, with me being the entertainment;) so I quickly finished that. It was lots of fun to do though and I would love to do one of those parties...apparently it can be a great work out. I will hopefully have some pics to load up of the night shortly.
I have finally stripped all the wallpaper off of Ab's walls and got her room painted yesterday. Now I just have to finish up her trim work and get her room decluttered so it is good to show. I will hopefully be working on the stairs to the basement(painting them) today also. There are so many things on my list that needs to get done within the next month. We got an estimate on putting on a new roof. It was a bit over 7600$...can you say YIKES... I cannot believe how expensive this will be. John went and asked for a few more quotes, but is getting nowhere fast. Roofers in the city that he has contacted said they would not come out here, and the ones in town here he can not even get ahold of. One guy was suppose to come and well it has been 2 weeks with a no show. So we may not have a choice but to go with the only guy who would even give us a quote. I am a wee bit stressed over this.
So it looks like we just may build a house..unless the market gets any better and more suitable homes list, it looks like this is our best option. Only thing is depending on how we sell our house and what type of closing date we get we may have to find a temporary place to live for a few weeks. To build it takes 4 months, and we really cannot give them the go ahead without us first selling our house first. Ahh the joys of moving.
well not much more to say for now...Barb..go ahead and link me to your blog:)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello 2008!

Wow! We are into yet another time flies I tell you! So I wanted to quickly make a note of a few things about the girls that I missed in my last post. For starters my Ab is definitely growing up way to fast. A few days before christmas Ab came out of the shower saying she had a cut on her ankle that was bothering her. At first I was brushing it off and then after all her complaining I told her to show it to me more closely. Well as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what it was. I asked her how she got it, and of course I get the I don't know response. Well I pull up her pant leg and run my hand over her leg, and sure enough she used mommy's razor and shaved her legs. I asked her why she did it and she said that all the kids at school made fun of her"hairy" legs...frickin kids...grrrr... So now I must make sure both John and my razor are up high. I have yet to see how the hair has grown in..perhaps I should check on that today. As for Hadley she too is growing up so quick. Her communication skills are improving...of course she can belt out "MOM" as clear as day. She is slowly starting to get dad out. Her way for asking for milk is putting her hand up to her mouth and making a slurping noise like she is drinking out of a straw. When she is hungry she will rub her stomach and say mmmmm. Unfortunately she is still happy as a clam to be in wet interest in using the potty yet...but always wants to wear big girl panties. She is also in love with dresses. She always wants to wear them. The big problem is all she has are really fancy ones to wear. She really has no day to day ones, especially since there are no hand me down ones since Ab really did not have too many. I even find in the stores very little dresses out there. So Hadley ends up being dressed to the hilt most I am also finding how terrible the internet can be for kids. I really have to watch where Abigail goes because I have caught a few sites not appropriate for her. It almost seems like no place is safe, and it is so hard to explain to her why...she just gets upset and thinks mom is so mean to not let her go on there. I have asked John to try and find some software to block out all the bad stuff, but he is having a hard time finding something that he knows will work with her computer. There is just so much evil out in this world now..ughh.
O.k. onto other things...we are moving. I know are so upset....but I will not be that far from you. We are looking for a place in town so the girls can be near other kids. We are trying to get all the things done around the house so that we can put it up by March. I really hope it sells quickly...I hate th thought of having to keep my house spotlees all the time(no easy task with my children...or me for that matter...LOL) I am pretty sure the house should show is pretty updated and lots of new improvements added in the last few years.
I just visited my friends Rachels blog(btw Rach I tried to comment and it would not let me...screen just came up blank) and I was so jealous to read she was goign to the gym all week. I really want to be able to do that...I hate the thought of exercise but love the felling has definitely made me feel blah. But besides that...wtg Rach!!!! you go girl!!!! I might also add she has been scrapping up a storm....her, Katie and Steph! My desire to scrap has been pretty low...I have been wanting to, but then I get in my room and go nahhh....perhaps this weekend I will finish up a few layouts from months gone by.
O.k that is all for now....I just have way to much things to do today and really should start doing them...the one being striping wallpaper border from Ab's room so that we can repaint...yucckkkk.. I absolutley hate doing that. But I do have to make my home pretty if I am going to sell it right.
Later then!