Thursday, May 29, 2008

...time is going by tooo FAST! I should really be doing packing, but here I am on the computer procrasinating. I resized some photos to post up here, but either blogger or my internet connection is giving me problems, I assume to believe that it is the latter causing me the pain. I swear things are getting slower and slower to do online. I cannot wait to be a proud user of high speed internet in just a short bit of time. I am getting so frustrated that I barely touch the do just a short task ends up taking me at least an hour...ugh.

So I cannot believe how fast time is slipping away. I just realized that it will be 3 weeks tommorrow that we will be loading up the house. There still seems like so much stuff to do before that. Moving without movers really We were really spoilled when we moved to here from Windsor, we did not do a thing. This process is just so draining. And then of course there is all the paperwork and phone calls and gathering things togehter to do. On top of dealing with all the closing details there is all the things for the new house to do. John and I tried to sit down last night to decide where lights and plugs need to be...did not go too did not help that I was totally wiped out and just had to go to bed. Today I get to go see the plans for all the cabinetry and get my counters picked out and such. And then I will be going to the furniture store to buy all the appliances. I have picked everything out so now it is just paying for it and setting up for delivery. Just thinking about everything I have to accomplish is giving me anxiety.

On a good note, I did start tackling my scraproom/office yesterday. It still looks very chaotic down there but at least the packing has started. I still have a layout sitting on my desk to be finished before I pack everything up. I have no clue when I will get to that. Last night John tells me that I just worry about all my stuff and he will do the computers and such.....I reply with a you sure will be doing that since I did the rest of the house. All I need is something to happen to the electronics and then guess who's fault it would be.

O.k. I really should do some work, and I need to try to play a bit with Hadley..she is really getting neglected and being put in front of the t.v. I will try andpost my photos later.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend/House update......

....I know...the weekend is yet to be over, but I have a quiet peaceful moment to myself, so with my coffee I hope to update before someone awakes. Yesterday was a busy day of going back and forth from soccer games. I must say, Abigail has really improved in her soccer skills. She understands her position as forward and is doing really well(we just need to work on her power of kicking the is just so hard to do at home since Celia destroys all soccer balls) Her team this year is awesome. They won their first game 4-0 and their second of either 4 or 5 - 0. We also found out that Hadley has a real knack for soccer. She handles the ball quite well and has quite some kick. I do hope she can be registered for soccer next year. After Ab's games were done yesaterday, we headed over to the house. Almost all of the first floor walls are up. It was really nice to be able to walk through the house to see how the size and layout will really be. It does feel alot smaller, only because it is not as wide open as this house, and we may only be able to fit one of the couches into the family room, but that is fine, because I do need to give the girls something to sit on in the basement playroom since they will have a t.v. down there. My laundry room is huge, I may be able to put my freezer in it. I also figured out my countertops. The master bath will have a slate look laminate(it really does look just like slate) it is a dark grey/black slate which will go very well with the tile border I choose for around the tub. I figured I can put it in there easily since the bath will have plenty of light in the room. The for the kitchen I found a baltic granite, it has the shine of granite with some little texture to it. I will have to post a pic of really is kind of hard to describe. Ab also said she wanted that in their bathroom, so I figured I would do the same so it all flows through the house. So I will also see if I can put it in the laundry room also(I choose another one, but like this one more...then it would flow from the kitchen to the laundry room). I am really excited about the new house. I cannot wait to see the second floor up. While at the house, Ab went over to a near buy neighbouring lot which was more or less a lake due to standing water, she was screaming there are fish in here. They were not fish, but probabaly thousands of tad poles. I do not think I have seen that many before. You just saw big black spots in the water where it was just them. If they live, we should have lots of frogs. We were also able to meet one of our neighbours who will have their house done by late august. They seemed really nice and they have 2 girls 2 and 4 and a lab. It seems to be alot of younger families so far. John also mentioned that someone bought the lot beside us and they are doing a custom build. We are suprised to see how many people are doing custom's. I think if we would have had the time, John would have liked to do a custom home....we are making this one more our's though with the changes we are making.

So we clebrated John's birthday last night. I was a quiet one with just us 4...and I actually made a cake that did not fall apart...mind you I did use store bought did not want John to make his own...mind you he made the dinner of nachos(he likes to make them himself) I will make a nice dinner tonight:) After dinner the girls went out to play, and Ab had a game of soccer with the dog. Since she was still in her uniform, she thought it was only right for Celia to be also. SO she grabbed one of her old Jersy's and put it on Celia. I will definitely post some photos soon(along with all the house ones) once I load them all up.

Well I blabbed enough for now, I should do a bit more packing before everyone gets up and the day begins.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mish Mash of stuff..... I really do not have one specific thing to talk about, but thought that it was time for another post in the blog world. Well the house is at a standstill right now. The wood is sitting out front waiting to go up. I think they were trrying to finish another house first and then start on ours. I do hope that the rain does not postpone things too much. We had a garage sale on Saturday, and suprisingly enough we made close to $200....which really shock me since we were giving most things away at a buck:) By the end of the garage sale, a woman came up and started talking to me, she then introduced herself as the new owner of our house....ummm can you say heart attack! Apparently her SIL just built a new home down the road from I do have a feeling that she has come by the house quite some bit already. Thankfully she seemed really nice and she is allowing me to take my living room curtains and then any others I would like. She is also ok with us taking any plants with us...she even told us that we can come back once we are moved into our new place and get them then...we rather not though. She also told us we could take the tree house....I thought that was nice of her to offer. Well at least I will now feel a wee bit at ease when they come back at the end of the week. On a packing note, it is moving along...I am going to need to find some more boxes though.....I am almost out of them.

Abigail starts soccer tonight(not looking forward to sitting in the cold) She will have it Tues and Thurs nights and either have it at 6:30 or some nights we will not be home to close to 9. Ab also flies up to guides this week at her last brownie meeting. I cannot believe she is old enough to go into guides already. So our Thurs night will be busy with brownies and then off to a late soccer practice after that. She also will have a mini little tournament on Sat. So we will have to take her to a game in the morning and then afternoon(ah I just wrote that, I realized that the glebe garage sale is on that day...I really wanted to go to that).

On Sunday night we stopped off at the drug store for some much needed groceries, and I got this awesome teal blue liquid eyeliner made by a company called GOSH...I love all the colours they have. The girls put some on at the store and they still have it on their eyes even after a shower(now that is waterproof) Ab is all excited because she went to school with it on:) While there we went and checked our blood pressure...note to anyone with does not work on them. Ab tried it and it pumped up, it just did not release we had to hit the stop button. I am proud to say my reading was 104/67...John's was low also at 109/69(which I was really happy to see).

On a scrapping note, I believe I will get a layout done by today....crossing fingers....I did a bit of prepping and did up a sketch last hopefully all wil come together quickly. Then once I am done that layout I will pack up the rest of my scrap room up...that is the last room that really needs to be tackled.

okay enough blabbing..hope I did not bore you all:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

....let the nailing begin:)

So the foundation is poured and the tar is on the walls. They will back fill today, and if the lumber is there, they can start framing up the house. Which means...time to write another big cheque:) I cannot wait to see the framing start up. Of course this process will be more lengthy, and we will not see as quick of a transformation. It will be cool to be able to walk around the house once they have it all framed up...then I will have a clearer understanding as to how the house will look. Well packing is once again calling..I have to try and do as much as I can when Hadley is occupied(which usually does not last long!). I will try and post more photos of the house soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

:( can you feel the disappointment.... on Saturday afternoon as we go and give a nice size cheque to the builder, we had found out some very discouraging words. Apparently if I want to put granite into the house, our closing date would have to be put back to at least a month, then making it Aug. 31. I guess it takes them (granite guys) 3-4 weeks to usually finish the process from measuring to installation. I then said..that is o.k I can live without counters for a month, but the builder will not close till everything is complete. We are taking that asd a sign and not going through with the granite. There is no way we could move in the end of August with Ab starting school and everything...that would just be way to hectic for us. So now we will have to go back to the cabinet place to pick out the laminate least some of the samples look like granite, and have a nice texture to them. So we did pick out all our cabinets with our kitchen being a dark chocolate brown oak cabinet and we will have a big pantry which is like 7 ft wide(we opted for that instead of a computer desk..i did not want the computer in our kitchen. The cabinets in the laundry room will be shaker style in antique white. Then both bathrooms upstairs will also be shaker style with the main one being a lighter wood colour called wild apple and the ensuite being a mocha wood grain. I was also fortunate to pick up ceiling fans for 3 of the bedrooms on sale for 50$ so now I just have to keep an eye out for one for the master and family room. The basement walls were poured yesterday afternoon, so they will start framing probably by the end of the week. The builder said they should have the house framed by the end of the month or so. The new owners of our house will be here next Friday. They wanted to see the septic being pumped, and they also asked if they can come in to take measurements for windows, so they can pre buy curtains I suppose. SO I am going to ask them if it is ok if I take my living room drapes, since they go well with the furniture....crossing fingers they will be ok with that.

So packing is slowly going....I hate packing kitchen stuff....I seem to only get a box or two done a day. One room I really have to tackle is the scrap room. It is horrible right now. I am really aching to scrap also...perhaps I will sneak in doing one layout before everything is packed, but first I must find my desk. I am also sitting on the fence in deciding whether I finish a home decor/frame project. Canadian scrapbooker has a call for home decor stuff, but if I did submit and they picked it up, I would hate to have to mail the frame, I could only imagine how much postage would be. In all reality, I probably will not have the time to do anyways. Well packing is calling....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

...we are now proud owners of a hole;)

So they began the house yesterday. The hole is dug. It seems so small when you see it is so hard to visualize how the house will be. So now we have a great big cheque to write and then by the end of next week we will be writing another one once the foundation is completed. Then the framing will begin...apparently this will take about 3 weeks to complete for our house model. Then the house will really feel "real". So as promised in an earlier post, I said I would share a few photos of my tile and paint samples.

Choosing paint for the entire
house is tough when you only
can choose 2 colours. For the kitchen,family room(which is off the kitchen),laundry(once again off the kitchen) and main bath upstairs I choose the clay colour....yes...bold I know.
Now for the rest of the house I went with a very neutral creme tone. Eventually the girls bedroom will be painted their colour of choice...but for now the neutral is good.

Now for the tile, once again you can only pick out 2 kinds. So the darker tile to the left will go in the front entrance, with the border seen with it going around the perimeter,powder room and I am also putting it in the master bath with the border going around the soaker tub. The lighter tile will go in the kitchen and laundry room(on a diagonal) and also in the main bathroom. Next cabinets, and then starting to find lights.
I have been packing all just seems to never end. I am working on the kitchen..there is just so much stuff there. I actually went and tackled the girls toys for a break. My big task will be doing the office/scrap mind spins when I go in there.
well I must go finish dinner....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

...little escape artist

so Hadley has figured out how to escape out the front and back door, if it is only the screen doors. This is her new trick and she loves to do it. So unless I am right beside her, I have to remember to keep the steel doors shut...thank goodness she is still to small to open those doors. Another proud mama moment is that Hadley is really starting to recognize some of her letters. Today she was pointed out certain letters found throughout the house. Another one growing is Abigail. I swear she is going to make me go broke in just keeping her dressed. She pretty much needs all new summer clothes. Last summer she was into a size small and wearing from size 6x to some size 8..with 8 being a bit big. Well those are all way to small...she is well into a 10 now...I really hope she stops her growth spurt soon.

Well the house colours are all picked out. I will try and post some photos later of the paint colours and tile and such. Now all that is left is to get all the cabinetry and counter tops chosen...which we will start the process on Sat. We also have to start looking for all our appliances...especially so we know how big of openings we will need in the kitchen. I am also really happy that I came across an article as I was packing in one of the newspapers about front load washers. More or less I found out the suck. Sure they are energy efficient and use less water...but they do break much quicker and it is a costly repair, where it is cheaper just to buy a new thanks..I rather not. So yeah perhaps the top load washer is not as nice looking but hey..I rather have it last twice as long and pay less for it. I rather put that money into my fridge and stove then.

Well enough blabbing for now, I must go out with Ab to get some clothes...