Sunday, August 24, 2008

...quick update

..ok so I will try and say a quick few words..I was able to connect to another wireless nearby but not too sure how long it will seems they are on dail up and once they hang more internet for me:(. So we are slowly getting everything un packed and finding a new home for evrything. I have already painted the scrap room and the main part of the basement. I just have the stairwell to go. We are still patiently waiting to get a phome line put in..thus our internet also. Bell seems to be real prics to us....long story there. We hope to have it by sometime Wed..but hey that will be the 4th time I was told I was getting it. I will hopefully get some pics up soon. I really have yet to take any in the house with us being busy by trying to do other things around here that must get done. Okay like I said I am keeping it short...I just did not want to be MIA anymore:) Hopefully I will be back on the www real soon.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

...almost there:) we have progressed well. The kitchen is almost unpacked, the beds are up and made, and furniture is slowly finding a new home. We still do not have a phone number or line put in, and do not expect to get a hold of anyone till at least Tues. I am hoping someone will have wireless in the neighbourhood so that I can hook onto it and grab emails, but I really doubt that will be possible. SO I will be MIA from the online world for a little while:( We are getting everything together and doing a massive grocery shop and then we will officially be in the new house. Well lots to do so I will catch up later.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day one done... day 2 begins..ughh! So we were able to move into the house at about lunch time yesterday. We went and got our first load from the storage unit and about half way to the house the skies decided to open up and pour. Let me now add that we did not have a tarp over anything. So we had to stop and grab one and try to cover everything before it got any more wet. In the minute or less it took us to do that, I was soaked through completely. So we get to the house and there was mud everywhere! I was fortunate to get my foot and part of my leg stuck in the quick sand like became a big joke to all for the rest of the day. It took about 4 trips to the storage units, and we had them emptied and unloaded by 7 ish last night. John and I will be leaving shortly to try and disperse most of the boxes and containers to where they should be so that we have room in the garage to empty out the 2 pods. So not looking forward to that...I am already sore as can be, and man just to walk is killing my back.

Today the washer and dryer comes...I don`t think they will be too pleased at the obstacle course they will have to go through to get them in. I also have to go back to the store to have them order a piece for my stove. Someone at the store told my builder to cut the countertop out completely where a few inches should have been kept in behind they gave me a piece to try from a different stove to fit the gap..but it does not hopefully a part can be ordered.

The girls seem pretty excited about the house and already found stuff to play with as we unloaded things yesterday. The only problem is trying to keep them off of the yard. With all the rain and more to come this weekend, it is like a big mud pit. I will be thankful once the grass comes in the next few weeks. Our street will be pretty crazy until the fall with all the houses going up also.

We are hoping to be in the house by Sunday night. Once in the house I am not too sure when we will have internet or phone for that matter. We were suppose to have both primus and rogers come yesterday, with a no show. We still do not even have a phone number assigned to us. We were suppose to have it over a week ago...they say they are really busy..come on now!

I guess moving is just not moving without some bumps along the way..I just hope we are done with the bumps. I am tired of it all. No more moves for a long time!

I will have more photos soon I swear....oh on a kid not...I forgot to say that Ab can now ride her bike with just 2 wheels. It really took no time at all. She just has to get more times up and down the street and she is pooped:) And Hadley can use the potty very well. The only problem is she prefers to wear diapers. As long as I keep her free as a bird she is an old pro at the potty...she goes without even telling us. Hopefully in the new house we will get on track and become fully trained:)

Ok off I is calling.