Wednesday, April 30, 2008

...a lil' update it has been a wee while since I have updated on here. 2 weekends ago I got sick with the nasty bug going around and put me out of commission for a while...I had no energy what so ever! I am feeling almost normal now and trying to pack things up around here. We went and got boxes last weekend and I am trying to organize everything to go in them. I can see that I will be extremely stressed once June comes around. I have to order the containers today(forgot to do it yesterday) and we should have them delivered the beginning of June so that we will have time to organize and pack at a somewhat leisurely pace. Abigail has an art show at the school today, so Hadley and I will head out there after lunch and then I will stop by the builders to make an appointment so that we can pick the house colours so he can order them. The building permits are done so he will be starting to dig the hole next week so they can pour the foundation. I am really starting to get excited...but now stressing about all the choices that will have to be made in cabinets, flooring, colours is a good stress though..well somewhat;)

Big news happened in our house last Sunday(April 27).....Hadley used the potty. In the morning Ab put underwear on Hadley instead of a diaper, so I kept on telling her that she needs to pee on the potty then. Well as I am trying to make breakfast Had comes in saying she went pee...well of course I immediately check her underwear to see that they are wet. My next reaction is ..ok me wear you went pee..praying it was not on the furniture. She takes my hand and leads me into the bathroom pointing to her potty. Well she used it..just did not pull down the underwear...I was so proud of her...and you could see how proud she was of herself. Of course John was being the dork..and joking...quick get your camera..take a to be honest I quickly had that thought...LOL...a true scrapbooker:)

Well I should really get of this computer and get some stuff done. On a creative note I was really hoping to get a picture frame done for John, so that he can take it to work now that he is at his new office...try and cheer him up with a pic of the family, since he is not ..happy to be there one bit...he will not even talk about work one bit..he hates it there that much...I hope something else good comes up for him soon, so he is not stuck there.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

.....another sleepover

...yes we had another sleepover last night, but it was not for Ab, it was Hadley's sleepover. Katie's water broke yesterday morning and we had the pleasure of watching Kayleigh so that Katie's mom could be in the delivery room. The girl's had an absolute blast giggling and running around. It took me forever to get them to nap, but they finally did after being seperated. I cannot believe how well the girl's are starting to play together..this could be a beginning to a beautiful relationship;) Of course I took many photos to document the event(I had to or Katie would have killed me...LOL) I just need to load them onto the laptop. So Katie delivered a healthy baby girl at around 7 pm last night weighing in at 7lbs 1 oz named Kasey Patricia. We look forward to Hadley's next sleepover....btw Katie John asked when the next one is...he said it was a pleasure having her:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

I survived....

....all thanks to my girl Mell! On Saturday was Abigail's birthday party. She had a sleepover with 6 other girls. It was suppose to be only 5 others, but my darling daughter mad up her own invite and sent it out to another girl she wanted. So I get a call about 10:30 saturday morning from the mom asking about it. Well of course I said bring her over...Ab did get a talking to though. So I truly cannot believe the kids today...I really do hope Ab does not act like some of these girls when she is at other's homes. I always make sure Ab uses her manners(well most of the time:) ) but some of these girls were horrible. There is one girl in particular where Ab is no longer aloowed to be around. I cannot believe the vulgarities that came out of her mouth!! And she had no problem saying it in front of adult. She seems to be very influential on Abigail, and Ab will do whatever is dared of her. After spending an evening with this girl I have come to really appreciate Ab's behaviour...even with the lip she can give me. One must really think what the parents do. Anyways we did survive and goood ol Mell was able to get the girls to sleep around 2 am. I know that I am gushing about this, but Mell is absolutely awesome with the kids ...she definitely choose a great job to suit. So all things said, I think the next sleepover will only consist of 1 or 2 kids most:)

On Sunday John and I went a bit of shopping and picked up curtain rods for all the bedrooms, living and dining room for the new house. I also found curtains for the family room and master bedroom. I hope to get some more later this week.

I am now in pack mode. I am starting to go through all our things, and see what can be sold at a garage sale or what can be packed away. Hopefully we will go pick up some boxes soon. I much prefer to be able to box up at a leisure pace then having to do it all in a short period.

The other thing going on is baby watch for my good friend Katie. She is starting to feel some contractions(erratic) so hopefully something will happen soon...can't wait to see the new baby:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

...just awesome

.....spring is soo coming! The snow is melting at a nice pace...I am crossing fingers that the watershed does not rise too drastically and flooding stays at bay. The best part was when I was out yesterday morning waiting with Ab for her bus, I spotted all our tulips and crocus popping out of the ground by several inches..let me tell you that was a huge pick me up!!

Yesterday Hadley winked with one eye for the first time. She had myself and her grandma in was just sooooo cute!

Well my baby will now be 9 tommorrow....I just realized it wil be her lucky birthday year...turning 9 on the ninth. Where does the time go by? I cannot believe she is so old....that in turn makes me getting older..ouch:)

I have created a few more things that I hope to sell..I will try and post a little later.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

..gorgeous day, and need some opinions

...okay, so how beautiful of a morning outside. Spring is definitely arising from her slumber. But as John says it is beautiful out, but it comes with a price. These warm temps will make the water rise quite quickly.

o.k. now for the opinions. Yesterday I worked on some felt embellishments. What do you think? I want honest opinions. Are they too cutesy or just whimsical enough?

okay off to do some cleaning for the company that will be here later today:)

Friday, April 4, 2008

...will create , for cash;) with the new move into a new home(meaning more money) and just realizing that we lost a very siginificant amount of money in stocks(HUGE) due to the markets crashing horribly.....

I have decided I need to try and make money some how. Since of course I am at home my only thought is to use my creativity and sell it:) I think I may give ETSY a try. Many years ago I sold stuff on ebay and did o.k.(if I kept up with it i am sure things would have done is all about the ratings). SO I figure I will give ETSY a try...I just have to come up with stuff people will want. I have a few ideas in mind for some scrapbooking embellishments, and I thought I would maybe try at doing some mixed media(still on the fence with that one)...I wil llet you all know how it goes and if you have any great ideas on some sort of handmade embellishment you would like let me know:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

...a few creations I was able to get a few layouts done while away with the girls this past weekend. I finished 3....yes...sad, I know. In my defence I did not get there till supper on Friday and then on Sat I went out shopping and took a swim with the family for an hour. I really never get much done, even though I have goood is just more of a weekend away relaxing with no need to cook or tend to anyone but myself. This was a well needed one also since earlier last week the stress has finally surfaced in my life in the form of an ulcer. I actually felt no pain on the saturday(mind you it did not hurt that my "drug dealer" aka Rachel gave me a little something for It has been doing pretty well until yesterday when the stress started to come up again...grrr....anyways enough of me, lets post some layouts:)

This is the first one I did was our scraplift challenge. We(the ya-ya's)choose to pick one of the other girls layout to lift. This is my layout I did:

this was a lift from one of Katie's layouts she did about a month ago:

The other layout I did was also a partial lift(forget who's though)..I am kinda liking it now that I got the journalling done. I wish the scan showed the dimension of the title more though.

I also did one for a page kit swap where we all made up our own kits with photos from the same shoot we took ...we pulled names for who would get the kit to create with and then we pulled again to see who would get our creations. I pulled to get Steph's page kit, and then Rach received my creation( i will pull it off her blog later) and I got Rach's creation who used Mell's kit. I will post it soon(sorry Rach) One of the letters from the title fell off and I need to search my bag for it.

I also did these layouts a while back and wanted to post...and I still have a few more but I screwed up the scans and need to redo them.

okay so one other non scrapping note....I cannot remember having to dress Ab in snowpants, hats and mitts ever to go to school in the month of April...I mean the snow is melting...but there is still lots here and it was freezing this morning...what a winter!