Monday, November 19, 2007


o.k. I am having a difficult time getting this post out. I had a bunch of things written and then I lost it...ughhhh!!!!!!!!

So I have been trying to post for the past week or so with no avail. I have been trying to get the house in order for the holidays. I spent 3 days last week getting the family/play room organized and cleaned, and believe it or not it is still looking pretty good. The girls are made to pick up their mess each night. John and I have almost gotten all our boxes unpacked. Hopefully by next week I will have the entire house put into place. I was hoping to paint Ab's room before Christmas, but I doubt that will truly happen. Things are getting super busy.

On the kid front, Hadley is growing into her own self. She is becoming very independent. At this very moment she has just peeled her very own clementine with no help from me....a tad bit messy, but hey how else will she learn. Her new saying is "go away" and she loves to cross her arms and go hmphh....with a great poty look also:) Abigail came home with her first report card for the year tonight. It was not to bad, about b average(I swear teachers do not like to give out A's too often) She has to learn to show more respect for other students...she definitely has to work on her anger management.Apparently she is not the only one who can have the attitude though. It seems to be a norm with her friends also....ahhh...the joys of them growing up...NOT.

On Saturday I had the chance of attending the Bon Jovi concert(thanks St├ęph!!!) it was absolutely fabulous. The last concert I actually attended was Bon Jovi in 1993 when he came to Ottawa.

I did get some scrapping done about a week and half ago. Here is what came from that...I really do like this layout, and loved using daisy d's product!

Still do not have my new scanner hooked up yet, but I did use my new camera to take the photo! I am the new proud owner of a Nikon D40x. I am really liking it. I still have not had the chance to play with it too much yet, but hope to do some christmas shots of the girls soon.

Well this is all I can write for now, I have both girls asking for my attention. I hat when John works evenings...the girls seem to get so snakiy in the evening when he is gone. Here is hoping bedtime goes well.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I am sooooo MAD!!!!!!!!!!!

So my M.P. Mr. Pierre Lemieux set up a few passport clinis with in his riding, with the final one taking place today in Embrun. I thought great! I can get Hadley's passport done easily...yeah that is a joke. First I had to run into the city to get a guarantor, then we had to get Hadley's photo done. It took us to attempts and then on the second attempt at least 30 minutes to try and get a suitable photo. So I got all the necessary stuff done, and only had to go to the community centre in Embrun to get it done. I left early and was there about 9:20, the office opened at 10. Well of course there was a line up beginning out side of the doors. I waited for around 1 hour outside, in the freezing cold, and then another 30-40 mins inside the doors only to have the woman come and tell us she will not take any other applicants today. I am sure Mr. Lemieux will say it was a great success, but not mention how the couple of hundred people were turned away before 11 am. So now I am going to have to go downtown with Hadley and wait in line for a good 2 hours(since they will not allow me to do a child's application electronically, which in turn bumps you to the front of the line at the passport office) and try and keep her content..yeah good luck. I did write a nice little email to Pierre stating my disgust in this all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



So Daisy D's is in the process of looking for their new Design team for 2008, and I thought what the hay..I will submit a few of my layouts. Well I recieved an email stating they would like to conside me as a finalist and to please submit my most favourite work and a altered project...WOW!!!!! I am so shocked...I sure hope I did not jinx this by mentioning, but I could not help but explode with the news:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I think I have successfully moved all content from my old blog over here. Unfortunately I had to put almost 2 years worth into one post, and of course my pics are not attached with it. I will keep my other blog active though if anybody cares to view old layouts and such. Eventually I will set up a gallery link and add all my work into that. Baby steps...the main thing is that I am finally here:)