Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some house pics....

So we had to go out today for a soccer tournament that Ab was in, so while there we went into the house to do a few things and I was finally able to take some photo's of what has been done. So the first photo is showing the kitchen from the view of the family room. I am really loving the cupboards and I am also quite pleased with my lighting.

In this photo, it shows the fireplace that is in our family room. I am not too happy with how the window in the right is placed, but once I get the curtains up, I will try and make to 2 windows more centred looking. I love the stone work and mantle.
This is a view from our dining room looking into the living room and out of the front of the house. There is a cathedral ceiling out by the window, but it is a bit hard to tell in the photo.
This is part of my master bath. It runs the entire depth of the house with windows facing both the front and back of the house. There is a huge shower to the right and in behind is a big soaker tub.
This is another photo of my kitchen just showing off the pantry's better. They are 7 feet long..I wil have tons of storage in there.

So the next set of photos will be when we move in a week. I cannot wait. I am already thinking of where items should go in their new home.
On the soccer note..Ab won siver. They one their first game 6 to 1. In the first half Ab had a shot on goal, but it unfortunately hit the was so close. Then the second half she was the keeper and kept all balls out...which was easy since none were shot on For their second game they were 1-1 . Ab was once again keeper for the second half, with no goals put in through her. SHe did a nice save...especially since it was raining out and everything was so slippery. They had to do a double shoot out, where it came down to one shot putting the other team in gold place. It was a bit of a bummer since the other team played very dirty. They were constantly tugging at the girls shirt trying to notlet them run off when they had the soccer ball. Then one girl even had the nerve to sit on the ball for a good 3/4 seconds so our team could not take it away from her. Unfortunately the ref was not to good at calling out any of this...but they are only young teenagers as it is...oh well...the girls on our team were quite disappointed though and there was a few tears shed at the end....typical girls:)
well off I go to get a walk in before it rains out AGAIN...I am really hating all this soggy weather!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

.....on a roll! I have finished another digi lo. I thought I would work with some wedding photos since are anniversary is soon approaching.


..a few more creations

...well I have caved and went and took a peak at some of the new goodies coming out at CHA. With all the peaking and seeing tons of great layouts, I have really become to miss scrapping. SO now that I have high speed I have been downloading a ton of free digi kits and stuff and scrapping the only way I can at present....digitally. It is kind of feeling the void, but I must admit it just is not the same. I am really longing to get my hands dirty. I cannot wait to get into the new house and unpack some of my supplies...I have tons of ideas of little projects I would like to do. Especially some mixed media. So here are 2 more layouts I did up this week.

This is a quick one of when Kayleigh came and slept over while her sister was being welcomed in the world. I was just playing around with my camera as the girls played in the tub.

On a house note....they started the siding on one side of the house yesterday. The hardwood is going in today. The stove, fridge and dishwasher are being delivered on Sat, so that they can bee hooked up on Monday. The carpet and lighting will also be installed on Monday. I will snap a few pictures on Saturday when we are in the house.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I scrapped....

...well kinda. I had a chance to play around with some digital stuff. I used a template for the first time and they are cool to do if you need to do a lo kind of quick. I have come to the conclusion though that I am in some definite need of embellishments. I think I will try and scour the web for some tommorrow if the girls allow it. May be a little crazy here tommorrow though if they are couped up in the house all day if it rains. Maybe I will take them to the mall tommorrow since the side walk sales are on...but that could be like shooting

ok so here is my layout..not the best but I got to do sometthing creative.
so we are off to soccer tonight so I hope to check on the house.....the tiles were in on Tues and hopefully they will have started the wood floors. They put the mantle on the fireplace and it looks great...and I really love my tile in the front foyer.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back from vacation... I am back from vacation, and have a few pics to share of the house update. We were able to get in and see it on Saturday afternoon. They have most of the stonework complete outside...and I really love how it turned out. I think the house will look really sharp once the tan siding and the nutmeg trim work goes up.
Here is a pic from standing in the living room near the front of the house. The front foyer is to the right, the dining area is where the garbage can is and the kitchen and family room area is in back where you see the orange. The orange paint really turned out nice. I was getting worried for a second, but once I saw it, it looked great. We have lots of light coming into the house so it does not look cave like one bit. By this weekend all the coats of paint will be up and the floors should be in. We will be going by the house tonight, so hopefully I can see what they got done in the past 2 days.
So when we arrived home late friday night we were announced with a wee bit of news. Apparently when we were away on holidays, my sister and her dh decided to buy and build in the subdivision also. Where you might ask....two doors down from us. Yup...this is a pic of me standing in my driveway and able to see their lot(where the fire hydrant is). This was a total shock to us. This is all conditional at the moment, because first they have to wait till Sept. to put up their house and then sell it...but they have picked out the model and all that they want to do.
So hopefully I will have some more updates by weekend end.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

..finally a post

...I did not realize how long my last post has been. I have finally really just gotten a chance to get online since a few weeks now that we are away on vacation. So we finally finished moving out of our old house. We started the friday night(june 21) and we were at the house everday till well after 9pm on the following Thursday(June 26) We went and signed all the papers and gave a key on the Wed night...btw...lawyers are idiots, I have yet to find one that is not. They just assume you know the entire process. I had to ask him where our money would go after the existing mortgage, realtor fees and of course his fees would go. He says it could go into our bank account..and that is when I ask, welll don't you need our account number...DUH...I swear if I did not ask about it, he would still be sitting on a cheque for us. We are really hoping that we do not have to deal with a lawyer when we take possesion over the new house...we would really just to prefer to do that ourselves.

So for the new house....they should be actually painting there. When we left the drywall was done and they put in the stairs. I also believe they should be starting the stonework and such outside this week. By the time we get home from vacation they should have the floors in...which btw I will no longer have that tile I posted earlier on. Because I wanted to do the tiles on a diaganol in the kitchen, the rougher ones would not look as good because they are harder to get a straighter grout line and such so I ended up picking a brown marble like tile to go in the kitchen, front entrance/powder room and master bath. Then for the main bath upstairs I have a lighter creme marble like tile. I just hope the darker brown is not too dark with the brown cabinets and darker counter tops. It did look good together when we put the samples together. I just think now I may have to repaint the kitchen later on since I said to put the clay colour in through it from the family room. I think I will have to change it to more of a creme colour later....we will see. Who knows...maybe even all our cabinetry will be in also when we get back.

So for now we are down in Cottam for about a week and a half or so...trying to relax some. Today we are going to try and go to the beach at point peelee since it is actually sunny out today.

I also wanted to send out big hugs to my girl Rach...she had Sx a little over a week ago and I do hope she is healling really well by now and getting up and around with no problems...I am sure she will have lots of scrap pages to show off with all her down time she has had:) is a pic of the house.....unfortunately I do not have any recent pics of it...with being so busy we never took the camera to the house..