Friday, March 21, 2008 layout in the spring issue of Canadain scrapbooker

..o.k. so I was able to retrieve my old files off of my old desktop the other day. So here is the layout I had published in the spring issue of CS that documents Hadley's first year. I actually made it about a year and half ago for a call based on a sketch for Scrapbooks and cards Today magazine(obviously it was not picked up then) like I is not my fave(actually not even too sure if I like at but anyways....

I actually have a few more layouts I need to scan and put up here soon. John took the PC to work today so maybe tonight I will try and use the scanner(I have only had the darn thing for a year and yet to use . I am hoping to get the girls together and do an easter photo shoot today. Not too sure how that will go:)

A big shout out to my girl Stephanie! She was a featured designer on the Making Memories blog, and did a great job doing it.

Well must run and do some work around the house....a tornado went through the family room and left all the toys everywhere;)

Monday, March 17, 2008

......we SURVIVED

March break that is. I think that it helped by keeping busy. On the Monday we went bowling...found out we can only do one game though. Hadley was good for the one and then had enough by the did not help that her ball rolled down the lane at a snail's pace:) Then on Wed. we went to the science and tech museum. On friday Hadley and myself went to a playdate with Katie and Kayleigh. You can check out photos over at Katie's blog of Hadley and Kayleigh chumming it up. They played quite well together. On the days we were home, Ab and Had sure got into it...I swear I would never have thought they would fight as much as they do with their age difference..but boy was I wrong. I must say it was nice having John home over the break also. Ab got off to school with no fighting...I think that having today be St. Patricks day helped. We also went and did some finallizing things for the new house. We should have our redone contract in a few days so that we can take it off to the laywer to be signed and then we will start shelling out some cash:) I am getting really excited about it all now...there are so many choices/decisions that we will have to make about house finishes..I love that I will have a say in alot of it:)

Well I am in the spring issue of Canadian scrapbooker and recieved my copy of the magazine this past week. I would post the layout here, but my old computer is not staying on for us so I can not get anything off of it at the moment...and of course that is where all my scanned layouts are. To be honest, this really was not one of my fave layouts and I was totally suprised to know that it was picked up.

Okay so I have been tagged by my girl Rachel, so her are my 7 random facts about me:

1. I love eating chips like doritos or ketchup with the same time...sooo yummy

2.I have been a very shy person all my life(although some say they would disagree;) )

3.I have absolutely no patience for stupid people, and will let them know it.

4.I am very self conscious about getting old...I always think that when people look at me they are staring at my wrinkes or gray hair that tries to pop through. I am really having a hard time with this especially since in my mind I am still

5.I have a very hard time concentrating on one task. I truly believe I could possibly be ADD. I become very bored and have to change things up, thus many tasks do not get finished. I have a horrible time at housekeeping because of this.

6. I am a very anxious person and worry about everything(even the littlest things) I have been like this as long as I can remember.

7. I love to cook and try my hand at other cultural meals and love hosting dinner parties to have others taste, but I hate all the mess I create in the kitchen and do not like having to clean it all up.

that's all for now....I really have to try and get everything ready for my scrap weekend away with the girls..I cannot wait!

Friday, March 7, 2008 biggest scare EVER I had to use the 911 number for the first time yesterday...and man do I NEVER want to do that again. John just left for work at 1 yesterday afternoon and Hadley and I were in the basement. She was sitting on the couch with me playing with some toys. She then went over to the play area to get another toy. Next thing I hear is her crying and I see her lying on the floor on her stomach. So up I get to give her the normal kiss better, thinking she just tripped as usual. Well when I get over to her and push her hair from her forehead to kiss her.....panic came over me. All I saw was her her head swelling up in front of me. She was getting a huge hematoma(laymens terms a big blood bubble). I have never seen one form so it totally scared the crap put of me. I grabbed her and ran upstairs to put ice on it. The thing just kept filling up....I thought it was going to burst it got so big. Only thing I could think to do was call 911. There was no way I was driving her in my paniced state. When it comes to head injuries you can not just say oh it will be okay. I had no idea what she did...I never heard her bang on anything, so it was very shocking to see such an injury appear. So on the phone I go...I was told to calm down..ummm yeah right...I came to the conclusion when it is your child and you are by yourself, there is no thing called calm....I give them my info and then say I have to go call my husband...oh no I could not do that...but they can put me on hold....I wonder if they record my call on hold...I had a heck of alot of curse words going on at that she gets back on the line and says that an ambulance is on the way and if anything changes I just need to call 911 again. So once off I call John and tell him Hadley hurt her head and that I called 911...he was on the highway at the next town he said he was coming home...I told him I doubt we would be here by then...yeah right....he beat the ambulance here...I am really glad no one was dying(I am glad we are moving...last year the police could not find our place...on the wrong road..and now this...hopefully response time in town will be a bit quicker) so back to the story.....I swear it was the longest wait ever...but more or less as soon as I was off the phone...Hadley was back to her cheerful self and was "woohooing" after hearing the ambulance was I had them assess her and she was pretty stable( I really did not nedd to call them now that I look back at the situation..but like I said any head injury is something you do not take lightly) and she was playing with their supplies and such. We waived rights to treatment(ie meaning ride to the hospital) we said we would take her( I would hate to use the ambulance when there could be someone else in dire need of it) So we got in the car and went to pick up Ab first, on the way I thought that maybe we should go to the dr's first and see what he thinks about it all. It was a good thing to do. As we sat in the office, I could see the blood being absorbed back in. If the ambulance took us into cheo(which I did not want to do) we would have been there for hours(unecessarily) with 2 thanks. So we wnet home, Had had her nap and then woke up with a huge appetite and all well. Her bump has totally dissappeared by today and she just has bruising...and of course it is a bit sensitive to touch. I swear this child is going to give me a run for my money...she is just as I was..a little always had some sort of accident happening...burns...cuts...etc..

so that was my scare of the year....

onto the weather...we are getting another freaking storm...we are suppose to get another 30-40cm tommorrow.....I am truly hating this snow now! Oh and talking about the all our panic yesterday, John was trying to pull out of the driveway and hit the snow along the side...and what happened to the damn van...he dented the entire corner of the back bumper...with SNOW... this will not be a cheap fix...grrrrrr....someone must think we have a money tree growing in our back yard or feels like we are just constantly shelling it out to everyone:)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

ENOUGH already!!!!

O.k.. so I am completely sick of seeing the white stuff now. It became official yesterday after seeing my driveway waist high with snow. John dug us out enough to be able to slip the vehicles out yesterday. This is how it looked outside this morning.

we had less then a foot around the van to slip out the door and try and maneuver around it to get to the house. Ab just opened up the side door and jumped out onto the snow. She did not sink one bit because of it being so hard. You look out the front door and you would not even know there is a deep ditch in front of the house. They say we are at the 2nd snowiest winter in Canada now. They said on the news we have recieved something like 11 feet of snow over the winter...blech...the worst was having 2 snow days in one week..almost lost my sanity yesterday! And to top it all off they are saying that there could be a whopper of a storm hitting us on Saturday. I guess it looks like we will have enough snow to go go skiing over March break.

On a house note...we had the house inspection yesterday and the realtor called this morning to say that all went well. We are just waiting to see how the water samples will be...which I really do not think there should be any problems..we never did when we did our if that all goes well the house will be sold tommorrow evening....I cannot wait. It also looks like we will build a new place in town. We really do not want to buy a house where we will have to do any work on it. We will go see the builders on Sat. and see what can be done.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

....almost SOLD!!!!

So the past 2 days have been super busy. Actually the past week has been a whirlwind event. Early on in the week I was a complete psycho in trying to get the house immaculate for the pictures to be taken for a virtual tour on Tuesday. Well being psycho virtual tour turned out fabulous and caught the eyes of many. Our house listing was out Wed. evening to all the realtors and was posted on our realtors website. By Thursday morning we had 8 bookings for viewings for that day. Apparently there was a lineup of them waiting to come in and view the house in the evening. It turned out to be a definite "feeding frenzy". We then had another one come back Friday morning to have a second look. By yesterday afternoon we had 5 offers waiting for us. The people who viewed Friday morning went straight to a realtor and she turned them away saying that it was not even good enough knowing that she had better come in already. So they came back with a better price and ended up being our best offer. We just ended up countering with the date of closure to the end of June instead of end of May(which in their offer they stated that they were flexible) so they have to noon today to fax that out. Then the offer is just conditional on a home inspection and water samples taken this week. Then if all goes well the house will be officially sold by 6pm next Friday.

I truly did not expect things to go so sell in 2 days...heck our house did not finally show up on MLS until Friday morning...the stress of the stress of the past week was certainly worth it!

One of the agents that works with my realtor brought a client through and he immediately called her to tell her how our house looked staged.he told her to tell me what a great job I did. I had all the lights on, the fireplace was a very cozy feeling to the house. He said everybody was just impressed with the ambience and looked past any little cosmetic flaws.He also congratulated me when we were in the office yesterday. They said they should have all their sellers go through my place to see how a house should look at Rach...that bouquet of flowers was awesome to have in the house also...that was the bestest thing to give me I huge thanks babycakes!

Well now today we must go to the builders and set up appointments, because by the looks of things we will be building...I cannot wait to get a home to my specs:)