Monday, June 9, 2008

...busy times ahead the house building front. Today the plumber and duct work guys are in the house and the electricians will be in the house on Wed., with John having to do all his wiring for the phone/cable/internet on Wed. night. Sometime they will be pouring the basement floor(maybe on Tuesday)...and by the weekend the drywallers will be in doing their thing. Things are really coming along quick now. Once the drywall is up, it will be cool to se how the house looks because then you can really see how the rooms are in size and shape.

So I had a busy weeekend. On Saturday we moved all our boxes up from the basement along with a few pieces of furniture.The dining/living room is pretty full now. Then on Sunday I took Mell to her first auction. They were selling off tons of lighting and such which was returned to Rona from customers for various reasons. Mell was a real auction pro by the end of the day...she had the nod down pact:) We really got a ton of deals. they would sell things in lots so most of our auction ins would be a lot for 5$. When we left, Kevin's truck(we had to call him to get the stuff) was completley full in back and also in the back and front seat and my car was packed in the backseat and truck. When we got home we had to go through everything. There were alot of broken or missing glass shades or lost mounting we just switched things up with other lights. In the end I was able to salvage a huge grandeur pendant light for the stairwell, a chandalier for my dining room, another chandalier that I will give to my mom or sister, a vanity light for the girls bathroom, a light for the powder room, a ceiling fan for the great room, several track lights, several single small pendants, 2 floor lamps, bathroom faucet for basement, outdoor lights for the house and a post lamp....and there were a few other things....well worth the 62$ I spent. Mell got some real good deals also and ended up with lots. I was a little sad that John could not go since he was with the girls, because he would definitely loved being at such a great deal auction. I cannot wait to go to another with Mell...but like John said, our chances of going to such an auction again would be slim..but hey...that is the fun of auctions.

Well lots to do today....a bit of fix ups to do around here, and then off to meet with the builder.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


...that is the word of the day. I am slowly progressing through all the packing. There is a bit of sadness inside me today. I have packed the last box up of my scrap room. I have no supplies to play with...mind you I really would not have the time to play anyways. I cannot believe how much stuff I had in the room....I do think once I am all settled in the new house I will have to go into major scrapping mode and use up some of the supplies I have. Perhaps host a crop weekend with the girls?

So I think I have done a big chunk in packing. All the girls toys are completely packed up(except for the toys they will take with them) and most of the bedrooms are packed up. My biggest battle now will be all the electronic equipment(which I will have John do most of) and then all our pantry stuff from the laundry room. Mom and Dad are coming over on Saturday to help move everything up from the basement so when it comes to moving everything into the PODS we will only have the front steps to deal with and not the basement ones. We could not have picked a more warmer day though. Forecast says it will be 31 on Saturday. Thank god we have air conditioning.

On Sunday I hope to make it out to an auction in Chrysler. It is for overstock from a store...they will have lighting, so I am hoping to finish buying all our lights if I can. There is a ton of other stuff to, but just cannot remember what all was there.

The house is also progressing well. They should be putting on the roof shingles today. We made a few changes in the house exterior this week. We have completely changed the stonework(I do not know what it looks like yet, but know it has tans in it to match the siding) it is a new stone and our builder cannot wait to use it. We are also having brown(well it is called nutmeg) molding around the windows and all the soffits and posts and such will be a creme colour to blend in with the siding. Our builder wants to try and get away from all the we are his guinea pig:) which is okay because we seem to get little perks for it. Such as, I have a third type of tile going in the house now. Our master bath is going to have this brown marble like tile which goes awesome with our cabinet and counters. He is also putting a gas line out on the deck for a if we ever convert, it will be there. Apparently we are their dream clients right now, because we are fairly easy going as to what will be done....let's hope we stay that way;) lol.

Well not much else is going on...Ab is doing her gr.3 testing this week, with today being the last day of it. Not too much new with Hadley...she does say "" when she is asked to do things and it really sounds cute how she says it...I should really try and get it onto video...

Well off to tackle the pantry....