Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a weekend!

I have finally had a chance to get away from all my every day stresses to just relax and have no one to worry about but myself. With that, this has been one of my most productive weekends away when it comes to creating. I was able to create 8 layouts and 2 "family" bracelets(it has each of our birthstone colours in swarvoski crystals) to bring home to my girls for valentines day. I probably could have done a bit more in the layouts department, but I pretty much goofed off on Friday night and did alot of surfing online and trying to take in the olympics opening ceremonies, and then also indulged in a relaxing swim on Saturday. I had a GREAT time, even though I now have a sore tummy..and feel like exploding all thanks to the gourmet food served(can you hear the sarcasm pooring and am defintely a wee bit tired...10 hrs sleep in those 2 days..ugh...who needs sleep really..LOL...All that mattered that I was with great company...right.
SO here are my masterpieces ;) FOr some reason some of my layouts are loading sideways...and cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix them around...they are the right way on my computer...grrr....oh well...just move your head to the side and you will get the gist of them! I tell you, if I was not so darm tired, and the fact my scrapping bag is still in the car, I would still be Oh I forgot to add...I came home to a homemade chinnese food dinner, dozen red roses, and a baskin robbins ice cream is pretty good!

(love this pic of the girls)

(the girls bracelets...picture does not justice..they are so sparkly IRL)

(this lo still needs some jounal strips which I will add over the "T")

(this was a challenge Mell and I did using the same products in a kit)

(this is one of my fave lo's I did this weekend)


Mellisa said...

love them and love you. Thanks for a great weekend.

Kataroo said...

that first LO!!! the color scheme is amazing...the tone on and with the pic!

Rachel said...

Tan .. I think you style is changing a bit .. and I LOVE IT! Gorgeous work girl .. and I am glad you had the chance to get away and relax a tad .. no doubt you deserved it!

R :)

Stay Funny said...

looking beautiful! happy you are back in the swing of it! take care