Monday, February 8, 2010


Well nothing creattive to note in this blog post. It has been pretty busy. I am getting away this weekend and hope to have many creative pages to post early next week! This past week has been very exhausting in the motherhood department. As they get older, they definitely give you a run for your money. Yesterday made me feeling like a very inadequate mother. Ab ended up doing some really stupid things, and I had no idea it was even going on. I always thought that I had a hand on things and knew what she was up to...well she hid it well..ugh...Let's just say she has lost a mnay priviledges for quite a few weeks. I said if things do not change, she will not be heading to Florida with the rest of the family. I will have someone stay with her! I think I gained a good 50 more grey hairs just from her. I hate the attitude that they get once they hit the preteens. Of course Hadley has also been testing our patience as of late. I must say I am looking forward to this weekend, and then next weekend John and I are heading up to Mt. Tremblant with friends...cannot wait!!!! Ok so now onto some other ramblings. This is all to do about home decor and furnishings and such.
I have been on the search for a dining table and chairs for at least 6 months now. Just not finding anything that catches my eye... since it is a very expensive investment, I just did not want to settle for jus anything. I have always loved the look of harvest tables, and then came across one looking like this which is made from old barn threshing boards. I love that old world charm. I am pretty sure this is what I want in my dining room. I have my great great grandfathers buffet which I stained in a darker stain and looks just like the table. And to make it more modern, and to mesh with the rest of the house, I thought I would add some brown leather parson chairs. I would love to have John make me a table like this so we can save some $$, but he is not too sure if he is up to the task.. Well there is no real rush on this...I really want it, but I have a table that works when need be. Eventually I will get I wil look for the chairs when they are on sale, and pick them up then.
(this is my dream table)
Now onto another project I have been mulling over this past week or so. One of my garage entrances opens into the kitchen. We have a closet right at the door which more or less just houses the pet foods and brooms, mops and whatever else needs to be hidden. Not a jacket gets hung up there..and the boots just lay strewn all over my kitchen floor. We tend to be using this entrance alot lately.

(the back entrance door area)

We were going to take off the bifold doors and replace with swinging doors..but instead of buying new doors I think I want to convert this closet with mudroom lockers. I will split the are into two lockers for each girl, with a bench and then open area underneath to house all the boots and shoes. They will have hooks which will make it easy for them to hang up their school bags and coats. They just cannot do it with hangers since the rods are so high. I will have shelves above that can hold some baskets where hats and such can be placed into it. Here are a few photos of ideas as to what I was wanting.

(I like how the bench goes out further than the cubby)

(in this photo I love how the seat is dark, I want to do this to match the kitchen cabinets, and love the beadboard in behind..still deciding if I want to do it 2 tone like this or just do it all in the stained oak to match the kitchen.)

Now as you can see in the phot below I have been using my door as somewhat as a message centre. Which is nice since it is hidden behind the wall so you do not see the clutter until you walk in front of the door. My thoughts with this is I want to paint that wall to the right of the door in black chalk board paint. I found a really cute dry erase vinyl calender which I would buy to put up on that wall and any other cute vinyl seen in the photo below with chalkboard wall. Then I could use the door just to hang the girls art work...thus tiding things up a bit and adding some colour/pizzaz.

So whatcha think...should I take the plunge and do the lockers and message area? I think if I do that, perhaps my front entrance will stay cleaner and clutter free. So when someone comes to the door, it is not an obstacle course for them to get through.


Diva Loca said...

soooo envious. I've always wanted to add a "mudroom" type entrance like that to our place even just for our grown up stuff, but we don't have the room for it at our back door and that is the door we always use...

Such great ideas...can't wait to see the finished product!

Mellisa said...

Still love the idea of the cubbies. And the table ... YOU CAN DO IT. if I pester you enough, you may just make it this summer ... right?????

Kataroo said...

I love the cubbies, my cousin has them in her home...really cool :)