Saturday, January 16, 2010

Deception....this & that

Well I have been deceived through labelling. Now, I imagine this has not been the first time, nor will it be the last. How have I been deceived you might ask? Well it was with tortilla chips. Quite a while back a well known brad came out with Multi grain chips and I lets get these...must be better for me. HA! Well this is where I come into comparing the nutritional label of these and the regular chips. They both have the same calories, fat percentage and fibre content....the difference...the multi grain had sugar in them, where the regular had 0 grams of sugar. All this time I thought I was eating the better choice..NOT!! So this is now a reminder that I must check my labels more closely. Multi grain is no longer wanted in this home..well at least for these chips:)

As for this and that, this morning I spent a little while surfing the web at scrapbook layouts, looking for some inspiration. I believe this is step one in me getting back on that scrapping wagon. I even started planning layouts as I was looking. Next step is to go through photos, do a little editing and then get some printed out. Here's hoping by Feb. I will be ready to scrap:)

Not much else has been happening in the last week except for the and school, working out, work and more work. I actually have to soon get off this computer so thta I can do a few chores around the house, and then head out to do a trade type show for work. I did get my hair done needed is now at a more managable length(meaning quicker to get done for work) and all the grey is once again

Well that is all for now..sorry for the bore:)


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Oh, I should go and look at the label of those in my cupboard. I'm pretty sure that it's the same brand as yours. LOL I'd never thought either. *sigh* Are you doing Feb LOAD? That would be cool! :) You'll see that it will get you throwing caution to the wind and in a fun scrap groove! :)

Mellisa said...

You didnt know that? Silly girl. After the whole Fruit Loops being as nurtitionally good as Special K, I am weary about everything.

Cant wait to see you get back into your creative groove. Good talent is such a horrible thing to waste.

Barb said...

I hope you find some time to get your scrapbooking groove back. I love your work, Tanya. :)