Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Day at Winterlude

On Monday we were asked to join our neighbours and some friends to go over to Jacques Cartier Park to partake in the Winterlude festivities for Family Day. I must have been delerious from my sleep deprived weekend...because I went. Just me and the two girls(insert what was I We got all packed up to go, I got out the 'ol GPS and put in my coordinates, feeling pretty confident that I could drive there no problem because of it. WRONG! After yelling the umpteenth time to the girls I finally got onto the highway...and then it started. The GPS tells me the battery is low...I think that is ok.. it should have enough juice to get me there, and once I got there, I should be able to get home no problem...right....WRONG! So I take the Nicholas exit like it says(let me insert I only somewhat familiar with going down Elgin...oh and I really stress out when I go So I get off the exit, and then it tells me I have reached my destination....WHAT..OH NO...what to do. I see signs for Gatineau and I fallow them. Well that takes me over the King Edward bridge which turns right into Highway on the Quebec side. Whats the problem you may ask...I have no freaking clue as to what exit I have to take to get to the park from there. So I take the first one, and then I finally come across a road name I recognise. And now the cruising begins...trying to find a spot to park. I circled block after block, came across the neighbours walking by me(thank god I found them..but I still have to find a parking spot) circle one more time and then finally get into a very cramped parking lot (I am driving a van which really feels like a is all ice(no snow tires on meaning no and quickly get out of the van and kiss the ground that lil ol me made it there..phew...SO we catch up with everyone in the park and we advance to the slides. There was a crowd, but thankfully the lines moved at an ok pace. We indulged in some beaver tails and maple taffy, and took in the snow sculptures. All in all it was a fun time with beautiful weather. Then it was time to go. I went to turn on the GPS and..UH is completely dead. I think to myself, that is ok...I can do this. I exit the parking lot and then it begins..the roads are blocked off and I am wanting to go where the roads are blocked off because that is the way I knew from going to the museum...try to find an alternate way to get there...damn one ways...I can't. So my only solution is to go towards the way I came in..starting to sweat a wee bit...FINALLY a sign pointing to Ottawa..HOORAY!!!! I make my way to it and after merging in with a bunch of crazy drivers I made it onto the highway and back towards the bridge...phew...Now I have the mind frame that I can drive anywhere...LOL...So here are a few snapshots of the day...I saw a bunch of people using this polaroid program lately and thought I would give it a go...what fun!!!


what a bunch of goofballs


the drive home

passed out..just how I like them ;)


Mellisa said...

oh Ab and her pesky picture-tude. (that is now my new offial term for her when she is taking pictures lol) I love the one with the dog ears ... total layout there. And then crop and clone the fingers out et voila ... another layout.

Unknown said...

Im a smaller ring kind of girl. Plus, I harm myself with my rings repeatedly. I used to wear a marquee cut diamond and managed to scratch my face pretty badly by using it. I scraped the kids with it repeatedly, too. The wedding ring husband gifted me for our Birthday was picked because of its settings being much less dangerous.
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